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Summit 13 Announcements and Recap

Development Process, Confluence, Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Summit

This was my second time attending Atlassian’s Summit and I have to admit I was pretty excited! A chance to spend a full week in San Francisco, walking the streets and taking in the crazy scenes, and great restaurants. I was even more excited that I didn’t have to pack a single collared shirt or pair of slacks for the conference… just jeans and t-shirts.
Atlassian kicked off #Summit13 with a surprisingly moving video on how their customers (IHMC, Education First, Cochlear, and Tesla) are helping people around the world through the power of software. The video was a great way to introduce the audience to the overall theme of “Inside the team” and Atlassian’s mission statement of “Advancing Humanity through the power of software”.
This year’s Summit was as much about new announcements as it was about pure geek gluttony. Day 1 did not disappoint. It was full of announcements from HipChat Video to Jira Service Desk. As Mike tweeted out, Jira Service Desk was the big one and has definitely answered some prayers!

atlassian summit

Here's a Recap of the Day 1 Announcements...

HipChat, Atlassian’s group chat product, which has changed the way we communicate at Isos, reached over 1 billion messages sent. Atlassian also announced HipChat Server (beta), a self-hosted version of HipChat you can run on your own network. HipChat Server will contain security features for the enterprise including document permissions, chat retention and user management features.
Atlassian Connect introduces a new way to bring your add-ons and plugins – written in any language – into Atlassian OnDemand.
Confluence Questions (Beta) is a new Q&A platform to capture tribal knowledge, identify expertise, and improve information exchange across organizations. With Confluence Questions, you can ask questions within your “tribe” and allow the tribe to push the information and then crowd source the answers to determine what/who adds the most value.
Jira Service Desk promises to deliver an intuitive interface for end user requests, a new take on SLAs, customizable team queues, and real-time reporting. Service Desk is now available for both download and Atlassian’s OnDemand. Here are the highlighted areas Atlassian hit on during the Jira State of the Union:

  • Intuitive End User Experience - A simplified UI which gets to the heart of the customers' tickets.
  • Powerful SLAs - Atlassian incorporated a powerful SLA engine (VertygoSLA)
  • Self-Service Knowledge Base - Bring all the power of Confluence to the fight for Service Desk: a rich editor that agents can use, Blueprints, etc.
  • Live, Customizable Queues - Queues and Customer Portal defaults can eliminate manual triage!
  • Real-Time Reports - Real-time access to data (SLAs, Response Time, etc).
  • Easy Install & Customization - It’s easy to get started, whether you already have Jira or not.
  • The Power of Jira - Proven, flexible, immensely popular with technical teams. Don’t need to rebuild process to fit the tool.

After all the announcements and sessions of Day 1, the Isos Team and a few clients headed across the street to the Mars Bar to talk about the day’s happenings over a few drinks.atlassian summit
Then, it was on to the Atlassian hosted Summit Bash at the Metreon City View, where we indulged in more food, drinks, and a great view of San Francisco.

atlassian summit

atlassian summit

On the final day of Atlassian Summit13 I had the chance to take in a few technical sessions and check out most of the Summit Sponsors booths. For me, the most interesting session of this day was the panel discussion on “Adopting Git in the Enterprise” with Atlassian and Orbitz. Both shared their thoughts on topics like when to branch (features) versus when to fork (developers repos), their initial Git migration efforts, and making Git stick. As for taking in the Atlassian Ecosystem and chatting with other vendors, I have to say there were a few that stood out. Zen Foundations by Brikit is an add-on for theming Confluence. Zen uses full graphic design controls, drag-n-drop layouts, and more to transform plain-Jane Confluence instances into beautiful websites or company intranets. If you’re a Confluence user, you have to check Zen out! The other add-ons I took note of are Spartez (some very cool agile add-ons), Folio (tracking project financials) and Qmetry (Test Management).
Summit13 concluded with a live demo of Atlassian's ShipIt Days, ShipIt Live, where we got a chance to peek into Atlassian's culture of innovation. We got a taste of Atlassian's approach to software development, and how it builds builds their software products. It was definitely an entertaining 45 minutes worth of cool ideas around Atlassian add-ons and features.
Here are a few more stops and recommendations from the week at Summit13:

  • A few fantastic breakfast meals were had at Dottie’s.
  • A great place to for a drink and a view, San Francisco Restaurant - Top of the Mark.
  • I highly recommend Uber for getting around the city.
  • Best corned beef and cabbage was found at, Johnny Foleys… Sorry Mom, it was that good.
  • The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is a must!

atlassian summit

TAGS: Development Process, Confluence, Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Summit

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