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The Fit Giant

Atlassian, Data Center

The General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the most recognizable agencies in the federal government. With the large number of employees and assets under its management, it is a massive organization. This kind of giant organization can easily fall into an unfit, bloated state without proper tools in place to regulate their processes. Given that part of the GSA’s role is to develop policies to minimize costs across the government.

Management in the GSA has looked to what is being used in the commercial sector for evolving practices in process management. As strategies and tools have come and gone, the GSA has adapted many of these to help fulfill their role in developing processes for the rest of the government. In this way, the giant that is the GSA has worked to stay fit.

In recent years, the growth of Atlassian in optimizing processes for all business sizes has drawn the attention of the GSA. The GSA has been especially interested in Enterprise level support that has been increasing in the Atlassian tools, especially in the exponential growth of Data Center level licensing.

This is where Isos Technology entered the picture. The Atlassian services from Isos have been used to optimize business processes for a wide range of organizational sizes, verticals and levels of defined processes. We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of Data Center installations and configurations for large organizations.

So now we have begun bringing years of expertise to the GSA. While it is true the GSA has idiosyncrasies that set it apart from commercial organizations, every new vertical we have worked in has had its own set of special challenges. The trick is to expose and adapt the appropriate functionality from the tools to improve the fitness of the organizations we have helped. We have begun bringing this same fitness to our growing GSA efforts.

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