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Top 4 Benefits of Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

It’s been a decade since Atlassian first released their Cloud products, and today it's the choice 90% of customers select over the Server versions of Jira and Confluence.

However, we know there are still many organizations out there who haven’t committed to the switch for a variety of reasons. If you are still operating on a self-hosted solution yet curious about the Cloud model, here are some benefits we commonly see for customers who shift business to the cloud


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1. Reduced Costs

Costs associated with hosting a server, whether physically on-premises, in a data center, or with a cloud-housing service such as AWS, are eliminated. Physical hardware, maintenance, and other administrative fees that are required when hosting a server do not apply to the Cloud product. 


2. Reallocate Technical Resources

By removing the need for system administrators, technical team members can reallocate their time to other business productive areas, instead of maintaining tools. Updates, bug fixes, and patching are a thing of the past as Atlassian Cloud handles it all.


3. Licensing Scalability 

With no server licensing tiers, it is quick and easy to scale user count up or down. 


4. Clean Up

Even with a good governance model in place, overtime Atlassian instances inevitably gather cruft. Just like moving is a great excuse to purge the things you don’t need, migrating from Server to Cloud is a great time to clean up your instances. 

Ultimately, the top factors driving customers to make the Service to Cloud switch come down to reducing costs and increasing productivity. If you would like to learn more about how to make the transition, contact us today!

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