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Training your Atlassian Team starts by understanding where they need to improve

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I love using Atlassian Tools. I started using them full time in 2005. Eleven years later, I still learn new things about the tools every day. They are continually evolving and improving. I learned my core skills because I’m used to being an an early adopter. I didn’t mind reading a bunch of documentation, looking at the code that drives these amazing collaboration tools and of course tapping the amazing global community of Atlassian users. I learned how to administer and use Atlassian tools on the job while I was solving product development problems with Atlassian's software.


Learning by doing is great for people that really love to solve puzzles... but it’s pretty expensive

Growing a huge user base makes you realize rather quickly that not all your users are going to be early adopters. To be honest, early adopters aren’t really the best target audience for long-term growth since we are notoriously fickle. The same willingness we have to do extra work to get to a very specific envisioned solution using a new product makes us more likely to move to another new product that better fits our new, very specific solution.
Atlassian has grown to the point that they no longer depend on attracting early adopters. They make tools that are very user friendly, powerful and can be customized at an incredible level of detail. This last year they finally tackled one of the last things that needed to solved: Training for onboarding new users who aren’t early adopters.

We can (and should) be asking what kind of training would be most effective for your team

Atlassian now has a very good training curriculum. Being collaborative, it’s more than just a curriculum, it’s a whole program. It’s called the Atlassian Authorized Training Program, and Isos Technology was the first Atlassian Expert Partner that was certified to deliver AATP courses.
The training offerings are pretty extensive. They are so extensive that it’s tempting to just look at all the training and assume “we need this, and we need that." Given such a large number of courses it's tempting, but you should really do a little planning first.
Assessment is much easier when you have prepared courses available and ready to be delivered. Now that these courses are ready, it's a great time to assess your team's training needs so you can build a training program for your team from the AATP courses. Isos is ready to help you build that training program so let's talk about how we do assessments.

Assess based on how you expect your people will work within the Atlassian tools

Asking everyone in your organization how proficient they are with Atlassian is not very focused. The tools offer so many ways to do things that you can easily overwhelm your staff. Understanding you want different people in your organization to improve how they work using Atlassian tools is focused. The purpose of assessment is to find the gaps between what your student can do and what they will be able to do with proper training. Start by describing the roles your staff already have in your organization and determine what parts of an Atlassian tool are most relevant to those roles. Then you can assess familiarity and proficiency using these features for everyone in that role.
I’ve had great success using online survey tools (like Survey Monkey or Google Forms) to create a survey that asks every person on the team how familiar they are with Jira or Confluence. Then I provide a way to rate their (self reported) proficiency based on the specific features most relevant to their role in the organization.
For example I have a set of questions for Jira Project Administrators and Scrum Masters that include self-reported proficiency with using Jira Software’s Sprint and Kanban boards. I have another set of question for QA and UAT folks that ask these staff members how proficient they are at linking issues and workflows to capture defect reports and track new feature requests.

Let Isos help you assess your staff and design a cost-effective training program for your staff's needs

The addition of the AATP training curriculum is most effective if you know where your staff’s knowledge gaps are. Assessing skills and looking at the training offerings is how Isos Technology can create a complete training program that ensures your staff has the skills and the knowledge required to maximize your investment in Atlassian Technology.

TAGS: Confluence, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Training

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