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Under a Magnifying Glass

Atlassian, Jira, Agile, SAFe

For those of you who attended our Stay SAFe with Jira webinar yesterday, I would like to thank you for your participation. If you weren’t able to make it to the webinar, feel free to watch the recording.

Watching the webinar, you may be wondering if the strategies we discussed can be used even if your organization is not using SAFe. The answer to this is yes. While our use of these strategies for the client was tailored specifically to their SAFe concerns, most of them should be considered as general Jira best practices.

Here’s an important word to keep in mind when thinking about best practices: magnification. What do magnification, best practices and SAFe have in common?

Let me make a brief digression into the world of photography. Last year I got into photography as a way to improve my painting. Of course anyone who has dipped their toes in the photography pool can quickly find out how addictive it is. One thing that you will find yourself doing is upgrading your lenses and camera as a way to improve your pictures.

While better lenses and cameras will help you take better pictures, there’s a huge gotcha. They will also magnify weaknesses in your skills, with increasing severity as the equipment gets better. You need to work on your fundamentals before scaling your gear.

Let’s get back to Jira and SAFe. In our example, let’s say Agile is our camera and Jira is one of our lenses. Problems in our processes may not be as obvious when doing Agile at a smaller scale. When you move to SAFe, think of this as upgrading to a top of the line full frame camera. Now your Jira implementation issues become very obvious, and are an impediment to using Jira for SAFe.

This is why it is very important to try and nail down your processes before going big. So go ahead and check out the webinar if you haven’t already, and see what you can adapt to your organization.

Stay SAFe with Jira

TAGS: Atlassian, Jira, Agile, SAFe

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