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Using Trello to Track Career Goals

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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Early on in my career I learned that the intention of writing down your goals serves great purpose. I've followed this practice for some years now, and I swear by it. I find this to be my biggest piece of advice for friends who are starting new jobs or moving into leadership positions. While writing GOALS down on a piece of paper is an option, I often loose track of the paper. So I turned to technology and started using a Google Doc. But still I couldn't organize it how I would have liked...

Finally, I turned to Trello.

The big overview...

I deleted the Google Doc and started fresh. I separated different areas, or shall I say "tracks", in my career as columns. I prefer this tactic over having everything in To Do, In Progress, Done columns. As you can tell, the tracks aren't just focused on my day to day tasks as a Support Lead. I engage in activities outside of Isos that help me develop myself professionally.

The nitty gritty...

Now that I have my columns in place, it's time to add cards that represent actual events. As you can see in my "Speaking" column, I added the names of technical conferences that I either wanted to attend or submitted a "call for proposal" for. This helped me organize my work schedule with the dates of the conference, as well as track the speaking acceptances I received. If you have ever submitted an application to speak at a tech conference, you know it's hard to keep track of what talk you submitted as well as the details. I think it's also important to add "due dates" to each card. This can be either a target date, or the date of the event. Often times we forget about the events that happen in October when it's July. So much can happen in between, but Trello is handy in helping us remember the little details.

The Retrospective...

Having a Trello board with dates, URL's and pictures is nice and all, but it's important to maintain the board up to date and regularly looked back at it. You will be so impressed looking back at the end of the year when you realize all of the things you have accomplished. And if you haven't accomplished enough in your agenda, it's your responsibility to adjust your plan and get to it.

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