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Utilizing the Atlassian Community

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Here at Isos Technology, we are heavily involved in the Atlassian Community. Almost all of us are regulars at our local Atlassian User Groups (AUGs), we frequent the forums, we follow the blogs, we attend the events–we take great pride in helping others along their Atlassian journey and we cherish the connections we make along our own journeys. Atlassian also has a wonderful online community known as Atlassian Community, which serves as a one stop shop for anyone interested in or currently using Atlassian products to be able to chat, make connections, ask questions, or have discussions. It also connects you with local AUG's/meetups and has direct links to Atlassian news and documentation. In this blog, I'm going to explain some of the key areas of the Atlassian Community site, so you can hit the ground running and know how to navigate the site seamlessly.

Get your feet wet

The first thing you should do when you join the Atlassian Community site is to visit the Welcome Center. This is an actual group you can join, from which you can configure to receive notifications and stay in the loop. You should start by introducing yourself here. You will start making some awesome connections immediately and get a feel for how to use the discussion mechanisms of the site.


The Atlassian Community site is split into some major areas called Collections. Collections "contain discussions, questions, and articles relevant to products or areas of interest".  You can select which collection you want to dive into by using the Explore menu in the top navigation area:

You can see on the top navigation of this site that you can also directly ask a question in the community (don't worry, it will categorize your question into the appropriate Collection) and a search bar which allows you to search for anything from "modify workflow" to "dog", as you can see below:

On that note, I must mention that the community isn't solely focused on Atlassian products. As you can see above, folks converse about everything from politics to how their weekends went!

Grow Closer

Atlassian Community also has this idea of groups, which are "mini-communities centering around places, industries, and other topics". You can navigate to browse all groups or your specific groups from the Explore menu, as well. Joining groups is a great way to really become part of a niche within the Atlassian Community. You will receive updates and notifications from the group and can focus your time on areas that are really important to you. I personally use it as a great way to not only stay in the know on the products that matter to me, but also follow some important discussions occurring in Diversity and Inclusion!


One last thing I wanted to mention is the quick navigation to useful items, such as official documentation, through the Atlassian Community site. If you go to the the Explore menu up top, you'll see on the right a list of options. Here you can visit an area for Feedback and Announcements, visit Technical Support, access the official Documentation for products, and checkout AUG's near you or courses offered within Atlassian University!

That's pretty much all you need to know to get started with the Atlassian Community site. I hope you enjoy.

And who knows, maybe I'll see you in the forums!

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