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Earlier this week, Atlassian released version 6 of their flagship product Jira (tracking and workflow management platform). They’re touting it as their biggest release ever. For those in the IT or project management world who are not familiar with Jira, or Atlassian for that matter, I suggest you check both of them out. No, seriously... take a second and check out Atlassian’s core values. They’re not your average, run-of-the-mill, boring-as-hell software company. Nor are their products dull. Granted, you need to be a bit of a software geek for these statements to ring true.
Okay, there’s no doubt this blog is not without some bias. After all, Isos Technology is an Atlassian partner and we have a vested interest in their success. That said, the Isos team harbored the same bias long before our partnership... and with good reason. Atlassian's software has helped us do our jobs and made our professional lives much easier. When Isos Technology opened up for business in 2005, Jira and Confluence were the first software purchases we made. We knew these tools would be the foundation for our internal knowledgebase and workflows. We also knew the tools would allow us track, manage and communicate project status with our consulting clients. Somewhere along the way, we became Atlassian experts long before we signed on to be Atlassian Experts. So, yes we’re always excited to see the latest and greatest from the folks at Atlassian.
The goal with Jira v6 was to focus on teams and give them an even more efficient, intuitive and modern experience. Atlassian did the research by talking with their clients about how they work with Jira, then set their focus on those areas. The results include a redesigned interface, workflow management, lists with inline editing and an optimized mobile experience.

Redesigned Interface

Atlassian wanted a more consistent UI experience for their users, providing a modern look and feel. Jira’s design is now under the same design directive (Atlassian’s Design Guidelines) as Confluence and Stash, which incorporate updated design components from buttons to typography.

Workflow Management
Sure, Jira is a solid issue tracking tool. But the real power is in the workflow. We see it all the time with our clients. The ones who are getting comfortable with workflows are the ones seeing the most value from the tool. Jira will literally let you map any business process to a customized workflow. This is automated and repeatable. With Jira 6, Atlassian has enhanced the management of these workflows so organizations can template them out and share in best practices. Additionally, they’re moving workflows into the marketplace where anyone can snatch them up and get going or customize them even further.
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Detail View

Atlassian also listened to their users working with lists. They realized that users spend a bit of time with page reloads. With the new Detail View in Jira, users can navigate through a long list of issues, quickly find information and make changes inline. The idea and goals were to keep teams efficient and working faster with less page jumps.
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For me, the optimized mobile piece is the most exciting. When you depend on Jira as much as we do at Isos, you find yourself accessing it everywhere... on the way to lunch, at lunch, in the car (you know you do it too), at the ballgame, waiting in line for coffee, etc. Let’s just say this is a very welcome enhancement. Thank you Atlassian for hearing our prayers!
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Jira 6: Modern, Fast, Mobile, Simple.

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