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We've all been in meetings where we've heard the adages, "we're not trying to reinvent the... wheel... lightbulb... sliced bread" or anything else of historical significance. There is some truth to these old words that can be applied to our business today. As we work with clients and on projects, there are opportunities to take the knowledge we've learned and apply it to future/current engagements. Here are a few areas to evaluate where you might be able reuse some of your Jira knowledge with different customers.

Please Add That On

Apps (or add-ons or plugins) are a great way to help solve business needs that your out of the box Jira does not provide. They can do a variety of things for businesses of every size or segment. When working through an engagement, think if some of the apps  being used may benefit other projects/clients with similar business needs. This proactive approach adds significant value to your ongoing relationship with the client. Know your audience when making these recommendations. Do not recommend a higher priced paid app to a client that has a very limited budget during the engagement.

Report On This

JQL within reporting can be an intimidating and daunting task to people using Jira (I know I'm still trying to get the hang of it!). There are a number reports built within Jira that can solve a number of business use cases and add value to teams. When applicable, share different reports that have helped your clients solve business problems to help other clients with the same issues. Effective reporting will allow clients to make better data driven decisions that will have positive impact on their business and teams.

Let the Work Keep Flowing

Just the other day I was scoping out a new JSD project for Isos and our team's first thought was, "we can reuse the workflow from our other JSD project for this new once with some minor tweaks." Sure enough after reviewing as a group, we made some updates to the workflow and had exactly what we needed for the new project. We need to take a similar approach with our existing customers and projects. Look for situations when you've created a workflows and how that could be applied across projects/issues you're working through.

Speak Up

Know your value in your relationships with clients and co-workers. You need to share the knowledge that you have with the people around you in order to help solve issues and better the business. At the past couple of company meetings we've had a co-worker show us how she's used power scripts to help populate content in JSD issues being raised on behalf of a client. This was powerful content and could benefit a number of different clients across projects. We decided as a group to start sharing this information during company meetings so this knowledge is spread across teams. At the end of the day we all want whats best for our clients and our organization.

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