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Batter Up Atlassian!

I love watching baseball. It's relaxing, it makes sense (most of the time) and the teams that win...

5 Sep, 2019
Atlassian Tools

Manifest Post Procesor: The Missing Manifest

We here at Isos are big fans of Ansible and HashiCorp Packer. We use these tools (among others) to...

18 Jun, 2019

How to Use Vagrant's Multi-Machine Setup to Run Multiple Apps at Once

In previous blogs I've mentioned how much we love Ansible here at Isos. One of the ways we develop...

18 Jun, 2019
Atlassian Tools

Load Balancer Extraordinaire

During AWS implementations we've always used an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) in the public subnets...

17 May, 2019

What to Think About When Migrating HipChat to Slack?

10 Aug, 2018
Data Center

Auto Scaling with Static IPs in AWS

With the proliferation of the AWS infrastructure as code model, saying that a system follows a...

28 Jun, 2018

Being a Remote Isosian

When I started at Isos, I accepted a position becoming the only remote employee on the Atlassian...

19 Jan, 2016
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