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Scaling Your Process - Default Templates

It’s important to bring efficiency to your Jira admin team. While there are a few things that seem...

24 Mar, 2020

How to Say No Without Actually Saying No

No. Two letters that end up creating a world of chaos. If you tell a customer “No”, there’s a good...

22 Oct, 2019

Jira Gore - Say my field name, say my field name

Hello and welcome to another edition of Jira Gore. My name is Lianna Kong and on today’s post,...

6 Aug, 2019

Jira Gore - Click Fiesta

Hello there. I’m Lianna Kong and I’ve been a Jira administrator for a very long time. Over ten...

27 Jun, 2019

The Root of the Matter

Many times a person or a team will request something that works just for them. It’s a process, a...

21 Jun, 2019

You do what?

When I got my first Jira admin position, my husband was confused.

7 May, 2019
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