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As a member of the Isos Technology Managed Services, Marielenna “Mary” Ramirez is one of the primary problem solvers for long term Atlassian clients. She brings strong Atlassian and technical skills along with extensive help desk experience to our clients’ aid. Possessing both the Jira Project Administration and the Jira Service Desk certification, Mary is often seen sharing her knowledge through the Atlassian Community. When not helping clients, Mary is traveling and trying out new restaurants.

Staying Connected with Remote Peeps

Culture, Slack

Remote working is often thought of like the power lace shoes from Back to the Future... simply impossible. In fact remote working or telecommuting is becoming more and more common. Companies, like Isos Technology, have[...]

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Make More Work Flow in Your Workflows

Jira, Bitbucket

Every Jira Software project is accompanied by a workflow. If it's a new project, then you have the generic out of the box workflow. For seasoned projects, you may have realized that the current workflow isn't very[...]

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How to Ace the ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

Atlassian, Jira

Let's chat Atlassian Certifications! Do you manage and configure your organization's projects in Jira? Are you eager to become certified and show your expertise?

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4 Secrets of Highly Performing Jira Project Administrators

Atlassian, Jira, Agile

As an Atlassian Support Lead, I often speak to clients about implementing best practices for their Jira instance. Some are new to Atlassian products, others are experiencing a large company growth, and many are simply[...]

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There’s a Power-Up for that

Atlassian, Jira, Trello

So you’re using Trello at work, at home and to track your new DIY crafts. The family and co-workers are all on board and everything is organized, color coded and has a due date. But still there’s something missing...[...]

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