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Michael March brings visionary thinking and practical business experience to his role as Head of Atlassian Services at Isos Technology. Michael March's 20+ years of business experience has been a crucible of improving companies ranging in size from a two-person startup to Fortune 500 companies. He has been involved in aspects of the business ranging from heavy software development to the management of massive computing infrastructures. Purposefully shifting organizational sizes, types, domain foci and operational foci has given Michael a unique insight into how to solve IT problems in all areas, ranging from the technical to process to administrative. Michael March created Arizona's first Internet service twenty years ago as a co-founder and CEO of Internet Direct, Inc. During the five years Mike lead the company, Internet Direct, Inc. reached several notable milestones. It was the world's first virtual web hosting company. It was the first NAT router for small businesses. And it was the first wired/wireless public access Internet solution. Michael March continued his pioneering efforts in shaping the commercial internet after Earthlink acquired Internet Direct, Inc. in 1998. Michael served as the head of Earthlink's internal tools teams. During this time that Michael honed his DEVOPS and Agile methodology skills. Since his time at Earthlink, Michael March has dedicated his career to helping in the automation of every aspect of IT infrastructure for organizations of all sizes. This automation has been applied to all portions of the businesses, from development to operations to customer support. With a strong, proven track record of forward-thinking solutions to business concerns, Michael March brings invaluable tools for success wherever he goes. This legacy of solution expertise is an asset to all existing and future Isos Technology clients. Awards: Honoree for the 2015 AZ Top Tech Exec Awards Technology Innovator award

My favorite Jira 7 features - Part 1

Atlassian, Jira, Data Center

The three years that were Jira 7

Now that Jira 8 has been out for a few months (and the enterprise version of Jira is currently pegged at 7.13.X), it is a good time to take inventory of my favorite features[...]

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The Easiest Way to SSL Secure All Your Internal Jira Instances

Atlassian, Jira

As Atlassian consultants, we here at Isos Technology have a lot of visibility into how many large organizations around the world deploy and run Atlassian (and specifically Jira)  applications. As part of that effort we[...]

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Tips for Today's Bamboo User

Atlassian, Bamboo, Git


I have spilled a lot of virtual ink lately on Bamboo (Atlassian's on-premise CI/CD solution), specifically regarding implementing "build as code." To be sure it is a great feature that we here at Isos[...]

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Chromebook for Atlassian Consulting - Part I


My professional desktop computing journey...

Over the past 25 years of my professional IT life, I have bebopped between a Linux, Mac OS X (MacOS) and Windows desktops.  However, in the past 10 years I would have to say[...]

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Using Jupyter Notebooks to Add Perforce Repositories to FeCru

Atlassian, Jira, Crucible

In my last blog post we used a Jupyter notebook to create a custom report from a Jira server. It turns out connectivity to Atlassian apps doesn't stop at Jira. Today we are going to use the same script creation and[...]

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Consultant's Toolbox: Headsets for Remote Work


Isos Technology is a great place to work. It is comprised of lots of awesome and passionate technologists. Part of that passion means we spend hours each day talking to customers, educating them on the entire [...]

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Using Jupyter Notebooks to Access Jira

Atlassian, Jira

With Jira there are tons of ways to extract reporting data you need. From the project reports, to the built in dashboard functionality and all the way to addons like EasyBI, there are many paths to getting metrics you[...]

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Jira Server + Oracle + Docker in 15 Minutes

Atlassian, Jira, Database


With its Cloud and server offerings, Atlassian is world famous for making their software easy to stand up, letting you get productive fast. The ease of getting Jira up and running has resulted in many of[...]

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Why We Need to Talk About Crowd from Atlassian

Atlassian, Crowd


It has been 11+ years since the 1.0 release of Crowd from Atlassian. Crowd is still around and development seems quite healthy. To this day, many Atlassian administrators I talk to (even long time users)[...]

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