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Sky, a Site Reliability Engineer for Isos, has an impressive professional background including International Space Station flight simulation at Boeing and Drones, Flight Sim, and Satellite Communication at Insitu. Sky has a B.S. in Computer Engineering with honors (Cum Laude). Sky enjoys traveling, music, motorcycles, and cryptocurrency investing. He loves that his position allows him to work remotely and travel the world. Something interesting about Sky is that he says good dogs always seem to find him wherever he is!

Atlassian Rest APIs

Atlassian, Jira


I love friendly competition, because competition when done right is a great motivator.  In this blog post you'll see how it's motivated me .  I'm still pretty new at Isos, but I've been told that there have[...]

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An Argument for Code Comments

Software Development

Respect your time

I think many developers have experienced opening up a project directory they haven't touched in a few years and spending a couple of  hours piecing together the logic therein. A simple example of this[...]

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