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In the accounting and human resources offices here at Isos Technology, we use Confluence, Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Trello every day. In this post, I'll explain how our back office teams use these tools and how your back office team can easily and effectively use them, too.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for the back-office perspective!


Confluence: A Workspace for Everything

First up is Confluence, a collaborative workspace and centralized hub for storing documents like meeting notes, policies, and contracts—really, the possibilities are endless. At Isos, both our human resources and finance teams use Confluence. I personally use it to organize and share information with my team and the company as a whole, and I appreciate how simple the structure is, with parent and child pages that allow for quick and easy organization of any type of information.


Jira: Better Project Management

Next up is Jira which was originally designed so developers could track bugs and issues, but is great for all types of project management. With Jira, you can set up projects with a set of associated tasks. Our accounting team has it set up so that when they create a new accounting project—say setting up a new vendor—the tasks automatically populate. I like it because these tasks help me keep track of all the next steps I need to tackle. Plus, I can link these tasks to our sales Confluence space for increased visibility across teams.


Jira Service Desk or Ninja Desk?

On to Jira Service Desk (JSD), or as we sometimes call it here in the Isos back office, “Ninja Desk!” JSD, was originally built for IT teams and includes a ticketing system for managing incoming requests. It works great for other departments, as well. In fact, our accounting, human resources, marketing, and operations teams all use it. Our setup is synced with Slack where we get notifications of new requests. To keep from getting overloaded with unnecessary alerts, permissions allow for only the appropriate teams and people to get pinged. For instance, I just get accounting and human resources requests.


Trello for Managing Tasks

And last, but not least...Trello, which is another cool project management tool. Trello is a really visual way to organize a set of lists, and it has become the vision board for my whole job! You create tasks on cards, then organize the cards into lists. You can see multiple lists all at once and easily move cards across the columns of lists. It comes with some built-in templates, or you can create your own—the possibilities are endless!

Want to learn more? Read about how our marketing team uses Trello for their content calendar here.



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