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For everyone still working from home, Atlassian tools offer teams a variety of ways to facilitate communication and interaction. In this post, I'll go introduce you to my three favorite tools, Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, and tell you why I think they're so great for remote teams.


Let's Start with Jira for Collaboration

From project management to development, Jira's functionality allows every type of team to collaborate. As someone who has worked in both of these roles, Jira has really helped my team and me stay connected. Here are a couple of my favorite Jira functionalities:

  1. Dashboards can be shared with your team to an organized source of truth for new tasks, high priority tasks, and even quick reporting on created vs. resolved tasks. Learn more about what gadgets you can use on your dashboard here.
  2. Developers can use Boards to organize their tasks in sprints, and to visually see their tasks and their team members' tasks all in one board. Need to plan for the future? Well, have at it! With the backlog, you can store new ideas or tasks that need to be tackled in future sprints. 


Moving on to Confluence for Documentation

If you're looking for a centralized space for documentation, Confluence is for you. I can't thank my team members enough for all the times they've written things down in Confluence. Whenever I am onboarded to a new project or team, I go to Confluence to see everything that has happened since day one, from incident reports to network diagrams and technical setup documentation.  

  1. Labels make it easy to organize content. For example, if you need to learn more about custom fields in Jira, search for the label "custom-fields" to see if anyone has already created a document you can use. (If you're not quarantined, make sure to give that person who created the document a hug. If you are quarantined, maybe just thank them via Zoom for their contribution to the world of documentation).
  2. Did you find that amazing document about how to build a Confluence template? Well, save it for later use! Confluence allows you to save a page to the Saved for Later section so that you don't have to dig for it again.


Last But Not Least...Bitbucket for Code Management

When it comes to collaboration, code management is every bit as important as team management. Code reviews are critical to deliver the best quality work to our clients and build a strong bond between the team. When we hop onto our team meetings, Bitbucket has everything we need to know about what features were released, or what bugs were resolved and by whom. 


Sealing the Deal with Seamless Integrations

For me, integrations between the aforementioned tools seal the deal. Having information flow seamlessly from Jira to Confluence, or from Jira to Bitbucket, is priceless. It keeps everyone connected and informed across all the different teams. 

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