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Guest Contributor: Cody Currie


In the past few weeks, our engineering team has added Bitbucket Cloud to our toolbelt. I wasn't personally involved in this process, but I was told that it was happening. Although my first thought was, "Hey, that's cool," I didn't realize that by moving to Cloud, we would be opening up a whole world of possibilities! 

Obviously, when using any Atlassian tool, you're going to have the seamless integration between other Atlassian applications that you've become accustomed to. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at the first integration we set up. 

There is a widely-known service called SonarLint, which helps you build better code in every way possible. It grades your code live, and gives you feedback on things that need to be fixed--bugs, testing...really the whole pie! Sonar also has a service called SonarCloud that directly integrates with your Bitbucket Cloud instance.

SonarCloud is extremely useful for the following reasons:


Pipeline Integration

First off, Sonar will instantly give you feedback on your builds, and give you insight to what may have gone wrong on a build.


Code Quality Dashboard 

This is my personal favorite SonarCloud feature at the moment. I can quickly hop into Bitbucket or Sonar and see an overview of my repo. It tells me how much coverage my tests may have, how many bugs I may have, and shows me the amount of code smells I may have.



Sonar is fast. The second my build is complete, I can get deeply insightful explanations of what I can do to make my code better and what I can do to fix bugs that may exist.


Although this is a new tool in my workflow, I love that moving into Bitbucket Cloud gave us this ability. I also love that I can instantly get feedback on my code without waiting for a code review meeting. It's like having an extra set of highly-trained eyes to look at your code before it goes to prod. 


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