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For most small businesses or companies that are just starting out, there are endless lists and to-do tasks. When the thought of task-tracking software comes to mind...actually, it doesn’t come to mind. This is where Jira Cloud comes in. Jira Cloud is a great tool--and one of the least expensive to purchase--for a small business or startup. The following is a list of seven reasons why:

1. It’s free.
Atlassian offers Jira Cloud to customers for no cost--a big plus when the budget is top priority. It provides the opportunity to explore and use the software without monetary commitment. That's great for the bottom line.


2. It's a great task-tracking software.
Jira Cloud was built for tracking work. Have 5,000 things to do? Great, build some tasks to track that work. This makes it easy to see all of those items, and it makes it simple to mark them off your list when you’re done. Have more than one person on your team? This will let you split up the work and see who’s working on what so there’s no overlap.


3. There’s no need to host anything, download anything, or install anything.
Atlassian hosts Jira Cloud software for you, which is great when your priorities lay elsewhere. Access your instance anytime, anywhere, with no installations or server maintenance.


4. Jira Cloud's interface is straightforward and easy to use.
Jira Cloud's interface is intuitive. It’s easy, clean, and makes it so that you can just go.


5. If you work in an Agile environment, it’s the perfect software.
Jira Cloud was made for this. Scrum boards, sprint planning, Kanban boards...you name it. Jira Cloud has all these tools and more, all of which help you to manage your work efficiently.


6. There are simple project configurations already built in.
Jira Cloud comes with basic project configurations that are built in. It makes it easy to select the type of work you’re doing and start working. Less downtime and less time spent building the system to use leads to more time doing other things (aka increased productivity).


7. It’s scalable.
One of Jira Cloud's most important features is that it’s scalable. As your business grows, Jira Cloud can grow with you. So when it’s time to move from a single-digit employee company to a multiple-digit employee company, Atlassian Cloud is ready for you.

Take advantage of Atlassian's Jira Cloud offering and start tracking your work. It’s perfect for small businesses, and it's scalable when it’s time to grow.
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