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Throughout most of my time as an accountant, I have worked in a traditional office environment. Onsite network servers were stewards of accounting documentation and support. Accounting communications often happened through email or in-person meetings, and accounting project management usually took place in a spreadsheet. Multiple, disconnected channels of communication made it difficult to keep teams connected while still moving swiftly through priorities. Very sad!


Empowered Remote Work

This year, I joined a company that wholly embraces remote work. Then less than a month after I started, the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to reassess how they do business. The concept of the traditional office environment became untenable. Fortunately, my company was prepared for a full-on switch to remote work by embracing applications such as Trello, Gmail, and Slack. Individually, these applications are great, but combined, they have become indispensable tools for me to create and remotely manage administrative-related projects.


Trello and Gmail

Most of my projects begin with an email or a calendar invitation, and those eventually lead to a Trello card. In Gmail, the Trello app makes it easy to create a new Trello card directly from an email message, which is especially useful if the message is a calendar invitation with a detailed agenda. Then after the card is created, I can make updates, and Trello shares them through Gmail or Slack.


Trello and Slack

Slack helps me stay informed on the latest developments in my projects. In Trello, the Slack power-up allows me to connect Trello lists and cards to Slack channels, and then as my team updates Trello, Slack notifies me. I can then respond to the notifications directly in Slack and post them to the related Trello card or list. The integration of Trello and Slack allows me to work in only one application without compromising the completeness of data in my other applications.

Throughout my career, I have used several different applications for email, instant messaging, and project management; The downside has always been their separateness--lack of interconnectivity. Now with Trello, I can connect Gmail, Slack, and many other applications to make it easier to work remotely without sacrificing the quality of information. 

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