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When I started working as a full-time Jira administrator, I was a contractor. I worked 40-hour weeks, but after the initial audit and overhaul of a system, the day-to-day work was minimal. I’d also worked as a Jira admin part-time, on top of my regular role. In those cases, the Jira work was always secondary and always de-prioritized. I—like most companies—wasn’t aware that another option exists for organizations. 

It’s not widely known, but Managed Services can be extremely beneficial for Jira administration. But what is Managed Services exactly? Simply put, it is the outsourcing of both overall responsibility and the maintenance of processes. Isos, for example, offers Managed Services for organizations' Atlassian instances.

Now, when I get asked if I’m interested in a contractor position, I let companies know there’s a better solution, and that's Managed Services. Here are some examples of why Managed Services is a better solution than hiring Jira admin contractors:


Less Overhead, Less Cost, More Efficiency

Once established, Jira doesn’t typically require much attention. I’ve worked both part-time and full-time as a Jira admin for companies, and noticed that a 40-hour work week for most Jira work is overkill. Permission changes, scheme changes...these are usually pretty quick. With Managed Services, there’s no need to have a 40-hour-a-week contractor. Only need 20 hours a month? Managed Services can provide those hours, and companies will have a dedicated Jira resource. The overhead is smaller than a full-time contractor. There’s also no need to pay that hefty contractor fee.


Knowledge Base and Experience

With one Jira admin, there’s no one to bounce ideas off of. There’s only one Jira admin with their own, unique experience. With Managed Services, there’s a brain trust of multiple people with years of experience to draw from. At Isos, we’ve built, seen, and done most everything under the sun, as far as Atlassian goes. The experience isn’t limited to one environment, or even a few environments. There’s a large range of backgrounds and expertise. We can provide best practices and recommendations that work best for the specific environment.


There’s a Panic Button 

When things go down and the reason is unclear, Managed Services provides everything needed to get up and running, an explanation of what went wrong, and any future fixes that could help. Managed Services provides an escalation step for companies. 


Scalability and Training

There are always fluctuations in how much work needs to be done with Jira. Managed Services flexes with need. If something goes down, or environments need to be updated, extra hands can be brought on to assist. When the company grows, hours can be increased based on need. When the company scales and needs to provide training to Jira users or a tier-one support, we’re here to provide that assistance. 

Resourcing and determining where the resources come from is difficult for companies. Jira admin staffing can be done easily with Managed Services. It’s the faster, easier, better way to manage Jira.

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