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A Co-Workers Love Language


Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

I hope the title didn't freak you out! It's based on the book series "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. If you've never read it before, I highly encourage it. The book explains how all humans are different in some type of way and everyone has their own love language. These languages include " words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch or receiving quality gifts." Everyone is receptive to one or the other, and once we figure out which one it is, we now know the easiest way to our heart.

So...what does this have to do with Isos? Well, I took a spin on "The Five Love Languages" and would like to share 3 ways to show appreciation for a co-worker. Just like we make sure our partners, children and friends know that they're appreciated, it's important to let the people who we spend most of our day with know as well.

Go public

I mean, don't confess your love in the lobby. What I'm trying to say is, go public and let everyone know. Let others in your organization know how your co-worker stayed on Zoom with you for two hours to bring Jira back up. Maybe it was something small like letting you borrow their charger since you left yours at home and your presentation starts in 2 minutes. Acknowledge them and let them know it wouldn't be possible without them. Let's say you're warming up your lunch and suddenly you see your co-worker who just so happened to save you from working on code that isn't needed anymore. Give them a high five or even a fist pump. Let the team know how grateful you are for their collaboration, even when it wasn't intentional. It takes 2 seconds of your time to make someone else's day.


Break the diet

Now this one, happens soooooo often at Isos. We love to eat. Someone always needs an excuse to bring in a few dozens donuts. Why not? Another way to show appreciation is through food. Who can deny it? Whether it's a team victory, personal victory or even great feedback from a client, let's rejoice together. Not only are we in sugar heaven, but it's a great time to relax and look back at how a stressful time is now in our past. Maybe donuts aren't your thing. Schedule lunch with some team members nearby. This is a great time to get out of the office, eat and get to know each other outside of the Jira task you're working on. When we get to know our co-workers outside of their job duties, we get the opportunity to learn more about their work styles.

Two words

Thank You! Maybe you just want to thank a co-worker for being a shoulder to cry on when everything went wrong last week. A Starbucks gift card or even a simple Thank You goes a long way. Thank you can be delivered in many ways. Whether it's verbally, via email or on a carrier pigeon, the arrival is what matters. Personally, Thank You on a giant chocolate cookie works best for me. Hopefully a co-worker is reading this . Thank You is priceless and can often have the greatest impact. Imagine working on a team where no one is ever grateful or acknowledges the long hours you spend? Like most people, you will leave and find a more supportive team and environment. Part of retaining great talent is letting everyone know they're part of the puzzle that makes the bigger picture visible and possible.

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