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As I approach my Isos anniversary, I thought I would take a moment to share one of the things that I think contributes to a successful business.

I have worked in finance and operations for a very long time. It’s been so long that when describing I can now add an “s” to decade. Every type of business requires these departments and typically we are looked at as the un-fun crowd. Thanks to the rules we all have to abide by (or someone has to have a really uncomfortable conversation with the IRS at some point) we nag people to follow them. Certainly someone has rejected one of your expense reports in your lifetime... and you grumbled under your breath at them as you corrected it. That’s OK, we understand.

I perform my role surrounded by lots of co-workers doing really cool things that are not part of my number-driven world. But here’s what’s special at Isos: I belong. I don’t have to try to fit in. There’s a big difference in just belonging and fitting in. When you are trying to be like everyone else, you are attempting to fit in. Belonging means that you get to be yourself and you are accepted. Every company needs all kinds of people with various skills to make it successful... even ones that nag you to turn in receipts. It’s important to have an awareness that people are all very different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s wonderful to work in an environment that makes you feel valued and equal.

I hope you feel the same in your workplace!

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