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When I started working, back when I had really big hair and was excited at the invention of fax machines, no one was ever concerned about a company’s culture. The closest thing I can remember is how thrilled I was that one place I worked had a machine I could feed a quarter into and get a handful of Reese’s Pieces. In my mind, of the places I’d ever worked, it was at the top of the list. Fast forward to the current day and now culture is a buzz word. It matters. Don’t fool yourself – when it comes to recruitment and retention, it is a Big Deal.

Company culture is how things are done internally while company brand is how the world views your culture. But due to how so much of your company is captured on social media, culture matters to the success of the brand. Pictures of your office environment, trade shows, customer events and company gatherings are posted on Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see. Twitter never stops. Reviews on job sites are always read by those looking for a new position. Nowadays anyone can get a peek at what happens on the inside and they don’t even need an invitation to walk through your door to see it. If you have a great culture plus happy employees, this will be reflected in what a potential applicant sees while doing their research. It can make recruiting much easier. It will also help weed out people who are not a good fit. If you have ever had to spend hours reading resumes and interviewing, I know you’re onboard with anything that saves time when it comes to the process!

When it comes to retention, your company’s culture helps define how an employee’s contributions matter. All of us want to know how our work fits in, how it makes our company more successful. Understanding these detail makes employees more productive and content in their roles. Loyal employees lead to great referrals.

Strategically, everyone is looking for a way to get ahead of the next guy. It is important to remember that your company’s culture is important to its achievements. Make sure that when you look at your organization’s dashboard, the light beside culture remains a brilliant green!

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