Co+Hoots Lip Sync Battle


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Last night we took the stage at the Crescent Ball Room in Phoenix, Arizona.

Larry Cummings, our senior Atlassian Expert, has been involved in this organization for many years and is now the Vice Chair.  He inspired Isos Tech to be involved in the organization by donating our time, energy, resources and profits as part of our 1 % Pledge.

The CO+HOOTS Foundation was founded in 2014.  “I’m consistently and deeply impressed by how CO+HOOTS Foundation activates the wider entrepreneurial community in Phoenix in meaningful changes in how we develop local individual skills and collaborative capabilities, especially among our underserved communities” says Larry.

This year the theme was Wild, Wild, West! Yeeeeehawww!

Since we were all in different states we had to keep organized and practice remotely. Leading up to the event we relied heavily on Atlassian’s Confluence as our brainstorming tool. We used it to keep track of what needed to be submitted before deadline’s,and what props we were going to use.

We decided to do a medley of three songs…

  • Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
  • Great Balls of Fire -
  • Fire to the Rain - Adele

Do you notice a theme here?

Tad Fox created a HOT video to be played behind us... one with lyrics so if audience members wanted to sing along, they could!

We all flew out the day before to rehearse. We soon found out that Lia Wood and I are terrible at Hula hooping and Vivian Escalante is a star! She had her own solo during the show. Meanwhile Lia and I pranced around in the background.

It was our first year and we were definitely nervous the day of the show…on our ride to the venue we warmed up by singing Disney songs.

With a little liquid courage and support we made our way to the stage. We're not going to lie, we were all a bit pale and our hearts were pounding. We were the last performance of the evening and we had some tough competition.

Isaiah Rodriguez stepped up and embraced Johnny Cash…he looked dapper and  audience members were swooning!

Lia did Adele proud and sang her heart out on stage. We were all so surprised when she said she has never done anything of the sort before because she is so well spoken, bubbly and commands the room so well. It was awesome to be part of it with her and she was proud to check that off her bucket list.

Our company and team members donated $600+ to support us on the BRAVO Tip App the night of.

We certainly weren’t perfect, but embraced our oops moments with laughter and goofiness.

We definitely know what to expect for next year and we’re ready!



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