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The Gaming of the Blogs - Part I - Game On!


What Came Before?

At the beginning of 2013, Isos Technology had zero blog entries. By the end of the year we had 97. That’s averages out to a rate of about two entries per week, a pretty impressive velocity for our first year of a dedicated effort in blog creation.
If you browse through the topics the entries, you will see a broad range of topics covered by the different authors. This isn’t surprising given the broad skillset encompassed by Isos technology and the diverse nature of client engagements.

What Now?

Of course an impressive start is only good if you can maintain (or increase) the velocity. When you start at zero, any traction looks good. But when you are looking at ‘almost 100 last year’, motivation can be daunting. Using a simple approach such as ‘we want everyone to produce one more entry than they did last year’ may sound good on paper, but it won’t provide a motivating force for everyone.
Considering different strategies for maintaining and increasing the velocity of blogs led to an interesting proposal: gamification. Gamification applies the same thought processes used for games to other scenarios as a way to achieve goals. (As an aside, often times spell checkers will change ‘gamification’ to ‘ramification’ which, while interestingly related, can be quite annoying if your document editor is doing real-time replacement.)

Will it Work?

The big question is will this new strategy work. There is no real way to know, but there are a few things working in our favor: (1) the competitive nature of many Isos folks (2) an interest in games, both physical and video, shared by many Isos folks (3) piqued interest in the puzzle presented by the scoring model calling to the natural problem solving skills of the Isos folks.
The gamification strategy being used has been designed using data gathered from the 2013 blog effort to create a competitive, fair system that will also keep from making anyone feel shutout. This last part is very important since the goal is to have a great year of blogs, and not just a fast start that languishes as the year goes on.
In upcoming blog entries I will be covering the actual design strategy and rules used in the creation of Isos blog gamification. For now, browse the blog entries from last year and continue reading the blog entries from this year. I’m sure you will find many of interest and use.

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