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G'Day from Peggy

Atlassian, Culture, Jira, Agile

By Peggy Trammell

Hi to those of you following our Isos Blog!  I am Peggy Trammell, Senior Atlassian Consultant and Functional Lead, a newer member to the Isos team.  I am very excited about joining Isos as I had the pleasure of working with the company and its great employees from a client's perspective a few years ago.

I first came to be introduced to Isos when the client I was working for wanted to transform their waterfall environment into a collaborative, agile setting.  We quickly decided to utilize the Atlassian's tools including Confluence, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk to make this happen. With the help of the knowledgable team of professionals from Isos that we joined forces with, we were able to make the leap into the Agile world not only within the IT/Development teams but throughout the company. Using Atlassian products with Isos' direction, we became a very lean, mean agile machine pushing out work effectively in two week sprints with quality meeting the ever-changing needs of the business.

After working with the Isos team as a client, I was able to continue our business relationships when I attended an Atlassian Summit and a few of the Phoenix Atlassion User Group meetings gaining more and more respect for the company's leaders and employees.  Honestly, I just had a good feeling about this group and continued to stay in touch. When the opportunity came to be a part of this growing organization, I leapt at the chance.

I have been in the IT world for 25+ years with duties ranging from entry level programmer fresh out of college to project manager to scrum master in many different industries. I've had the pleasure to work with amazing professionals all over the world, but the climate and the people at Isos are second to none.  People truly enjoy working here and enjoy working together.  It's apparent by the true team spirit found and the commitment to be the best all the time.  A little bit about me that most people don't know - I've been in the cockpit of a Stealth B2 Bomber before it was rolled out to the public, I have flown on a flying trapeze, I've sung We Wish You A Merry Christmas over the intercom to an airplane full of people, and recently I went ice climbing up a glacier in Alaska!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.  See you soon in another blog!

TAGS: Atlassian, Culture, Jira, Agile

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