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My name is Jared Householder, and my mom says I’m a handsome young man. I’m 19, a little over a semester’s worth of college behind me. I’ve started learning programming when I was about 8 years old, and I love it! I’ve created a few small games, along with rendering and game engines to go with them.

... I’m also told that I’m tall.

I’m still in training at Isos in a development internship. I started earlier this spring, and I’m loving it, especially compared to my lackluster previous jobs, but more on that later. I’m having a lot of fun here, and I love learning, so this is great! When I’m finished training, I’ll be working on developing code. Plugins, APIs, internal tools, etc. will all be part of my daily vernacular. (They kind of already are, actually.)

Before Isos, I had a very ‘impressive’ work history. I was a lobby attendant at Cafe Zupas. Mopping, stocking counters, bussing tables, cleaning toilets, you get the idea. Very intense job, as there was a lot of work with not a lot of people. But college costs money, so I was there.

My next official job was being a pizza delivery driver at Geno’s Giant Slice. Do I need to explain what I did there? It was an alright job, but they rarely needed me present for more than 50% of the time I was there. Pretty unfulfilling work if you ask me, but I loved my coworkers and we had a lot of fun together!

At both of these jobs, my coworkers were constantly telling me that I could and should be working at a place a little more technical and a little more substantial. Luckily, my dad introduced me to the team at Isos Technology! As I mentioned before, I’m still in training, but I’m very excited to do work that I love. I taught myself somewhere between 4 and 7 programming languages when I was 17 or younger, and it just makes sense to me. Whenever a problem shows up, I know how to learn the solution, and I know I’ll be able to figure this job out and do incredible work. I can’t wait to get through my training and really get started!

Okay, icebreaker questions!

  1. What superpower would I most like to possess? The ability to change powers at will. Every other power is honestly obsolete now.
  2. What childish things do you still do as an adult? It’s very difficult to remember being a legal child, as it was an entire two years ago, but some things stick with me. For example, I don’t walk the center of a path if there’s a raised edge. Gotta walk the high part. I also climb up my stairs, and if I’m the last one downstairs, I freak out when I turn off the lights behind me and I book it to safety.

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