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Isos Tech: Why do we do what we do?


By JoJo Salazar

In the last year, have you been impressed with a company because it exceeded your expectations? Today, companies stand out and individuals become loyal fans because of the culture and/or products. But the reality of having a successful business is difficult, and many fail. What makes one business succeed while another fails when they have the exact same resources?

Very few companies can clearly identify why they do what they do. 

Like in a recent book I read, you must start with "why."

In Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, and later in his book, he discusses what it means to be successful through what he calls, the “Golden Circle”. In doing so, he makes three main points to inspire leaders to communicate better in order to inspire others.

  1. If you want to inspire others, always communicate your why first... Most companies know what they do, but not necessarily why they do it. However, emotion will trump reason every time; when we make a decision based on a strong why, we own that decision against all voice of reason. Most iPhone users are committed to every new product that Apple comes up with. This is not because of rational thinking and comparison of what the product actually does. Rather it is because of the emotional commitment to why they are Apple consumers to begin with. Apple is not a tech company, a phone company, nor a computer company. Apple is a lifestyle company and their why is embedded in the like-minded hearts of their consumers. Long before Apple ever tells the public what they are selling, they have already sold the product based merely on why they are selling it.
  2. Excited employees are the best resource for any business... again, strong leaders start with their why and then gather those around them who share the same cause because inspired employees are the most fruitful. The argument of which motivates employees more between the carrot and the stick is void if a business is composed of people who are already inspired in the same why as their leader and they are then further inspired. This may mean that the most qualified technician, who is only looking for a paycheck, may be the wrong choice over someone who needs much more instruction but wants to change the world in the same way you do. “Hire people for their cause, not their craft, and watch your business bloom.” - Simon Sinek
  3. You don’t need sleazy sales tactics when you start with why... red-tag discounts and limited time offers will often get a customer in the door, but they will not guarantee a repeat sale. In fact, sales gimmicks create less loyalty than being up front and honest when it comes to building a consumer base. When a company starts with their why and communicates that successfully to their customers, they create a loyal fan base who will prefer their favorite product over any cheaper, and possibly better, alternative solution 

We are lucky at Isos Technology to have a passionate team that understands these three key principles. Asking yourself why provides you a solid foundation for what you do. When you feel lost, you circle back to that question. What we do goes beyond making money (that's a result), instead providing teams with the collaborative tools to be the best they can be. We want to communicate value and be of service to our clients. Each and every one of us at the company believes in the "WHY", aiming to work every day, with smiles, tears, and sweat to achieve and work for that very reason.

Remember, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek


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