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How Isos Technology Fights the War for Talent and Retention


Finding, hiring and retaining top talent in any industry can be tough. In the information technology industry this is especially true. The finding and hiring parts of this trio are where many companies focus 100% of their talent attention. But once the employee is in the door, it is critical that the upfront investment in talent is backed by a company culture that focuses on talent retention.
At Isos Technology, finding and hiring top talent is what we do – part of our “secret sauce” if you will.  We’re constantly in the hunt for top talent for both our clients and our consulting teams. In both scenarios, we are extremely focused on the company culture and how that person will to fit into each environment. If the employee and culture don’t mesh, then we’ll have some pretty unhappy campers at some point in the near future. Company culture is key and hiring for it is critical.
So, we’ve found the talent, made the hires, but are we retaining them? We’re working hard on the retention part at Isos and so far we’ve been successful. For us, company culture and retention is about a lot of things...
Working with talented colleagues...
company culture
Working with the latest technology...
company culture
Playing with the latest technology...
Working together...
company culture
Having some fun together...
company culture
Keeping the fridge stocked!
company culture
At the beginning of the day, we want our employees to not just share their workday together in the same space, we want them to enjoy coming to work. We hope to continuously build on our company culture and encourage everyone at Isos to contribute to our intertwined success... and hopefully share a few stories and laughs along the way. To that I say... Butter Cake!

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