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I am going to be straight with you, I am old-school. I'm not into the latest and greatest that comes out of the world of technology. For example, I barely know what AirPods are. It's a safe bet that I won’t be purchasing any. My ears are still tethered to my laptop and I am good with it. I’ve been shown other headset options, but I figure by not getting any I save my co-worker Andrew valuable time since he’d have to give me a demonstration on how to make them operate. Then he would need to be available for tech support.

There are cool gadgets all over our new office space that I pray no one will ever ask me to turn on. I see people at work getting their emails, calls and even tracking their workouts on their watches. My wrist will remain bare until the Rolex I someday inherit from Barbra Streisand appears. But I do try to be part of their movement to be healthy and fit. Fortunately, I can walk for miles and miles and don’t need a gizmo to tell me how to do it. I promise you I could jog to the grocery store before I’d ever figure how to set up my step length on a Fitbit. But that doesn’t get me out of staying active.

I will go ahead and assume, like me, most of you sit somewhere for the better part of your day. We’ve all been told just how awful it is to spend many hours parked on your backside. It does a bunch of bad stuff to certain muscles that the Kardashian’s promote heavily. Now, at my age I have to desperately cling to whatever healthy part I have, but I don’t want to wear a watch that yells at me to move every hour. I don’t need that kind of pressure from a robot voice. I force myself to exercise each morning, but I still felt like there should be something I could do throughout the day to help me stay in shape...

I am not coordinated enough to walk on a treadmill and type at the same time, but I found something that keeps my legs moving. It’s a Cubii Under Desk Elliptical! It is so quiet that I can pedal through meetings without anyone hearing a thing. It makes me happy that I am keeping my circulatory system moving along at a good pace all day long. Plus, my posture has improved as I cannot slump in my chair and pedal easily. For the Fitbit and App crowd, it’ll connect to those so you can track your steps. Even if you are not ever at a traditional desk, you could use it while sitting on your couch binge watching your favorite show. I am not receiving anything for telling you about the Cubii, I'm just sharing something that I have found beneficial. So, check it out if you’re looking for a way to, as a millennial once suggested I worry about, hold it together.


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