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By JoJo Salazar

How you treat others reflects on how they treat you. A company supports the team by providing the basic necessities and encouraging morale.

What I like most about working for Isos Technology is working as a team. Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life at work?  That’s roughly 13 years of your life at work! It’s safe to say your job has a huge impact on the quality of your life. Get this, you’ll spend more than 11 years looking at screens. Us techies will spend even more time… make sure you have your blue light glasses on!

Finding a workplace where you like the individuals that work there starts with the company itself. A good company will make sure that employees are taken care of. A good company also goes the extra mile to get to know their employees likes and dislikes and discover what makes them tick.

I’ve been working at Isos for over 6 months and I’ve seen a lot of emphasis on company culture.

This December alone, we had a full week of activities planned. The company flew out employees, and even spouses, to join for a fun planned week of work and play! On Rejubilation day, time was allotted for personal projects… freeing up time for our team to work on their own development passions, organize their tasks and clean up their space... things they might have not had the opportunity to do during the busy course of the year. Sprinkled in were activities like Zoo-lights and team dinners with a finale on Saturday with the Holiday party!

In the creation of the new office (yes, we are scaling up!) we will have recreational activities in the break room and a little Speakeasy to celebrate a hard day's work.

Isos realizes that their employees have lives outside of the office. Tabs are kept on employees and personal milestones don’t go unnoticed. Birthdays are celebrated and hard work is recognized.

Positivity is contagious and compounding! A nurturing and collective environment of positivity helps us meet project deadlines. Every week, our tummies are satisfied with delicious lunches, a room stocked with treats and cold brew on demand!

What’s truly the biggest morale booster is the open floor plan that our company culture promotes.  No one is shunned and everyone has an opportunity for their voices to be heard and respected.  Check-ins happen on the regular to see how employees are feeling about their assignments, what one thinks of the new company direction or any standing concerns. This is by far the most proactive approach to nip any problems in the bud.

I noticed that a good team doesn’t stop in the office. A good team looks after each other when the business doors close, keeping in touch, and being involved in each others personal lives, being a helpful hand when needed, a pair of listening and nonjudgmental ears, and a warm embrace.

Our high-morale environment is built on respect, trust, autonomy and recognition.

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