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I don’t care how old you are, it always makes you feel good when you get recognized for your hard work. We can of course be recognized in all aspects of our lives. As children we were recognized and congratulated by our parents and teachers, and it is the way we learned that positive feedback comes from a job well done. As adults we still crave that same kind of recognition. In connection with our work life, if we work hard maybe we get a promotion, a raise, or a bonus during an annual review process.

But maybe promotions, and monetary recognition are not all that we need. Annual reviews are necessary for many reasons, but what about the day-to-day. In that moment when you really worked hard, went above and beyond, and you’re not even sure that it was noticed. I’m sure there are small good deeds in our work day-to-workday life that can get missed in the annual review, or even missed by your supervisor.

If only there was a way to say “thank you” or “great job” or “you made a difference” in the moment…

Maybe all that is needed is a #shoutout!!

disco is an add on to our Slack that allows us to recognize each other daily, in the moment, in the tool we use to communicate.  It shares that recognition with everyone so we all can see that there was a moment that mattered. disco can also allow the company to analyze the data to see if there are trends in the complimentary things we are saying about each other!!  You can customize the tool to incorporate the core values of your company and lets your team build on those core values. It allows us to give peer-to-peer virtual “high fives” for any worthy task, deed, job, or accomplishment, large or small.  Once the #shoutout has been made, other co-workers can chime in as well.

Even though we may have grown up, we all still like to hear “great job” in the midst of a stressful day when you may have thought your hard work wasn’t noticed.  We can all use that boost to help us push through a hard day, feel better, and then get ready for whatever comes next.

This #shoutout is to my entire team at Isos for being the most amazing group of people to work with!!

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