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Spark Joy


I’m not sure what planet you live on if you have not heard of Marie Kondo and her “Tidying Up” Netflix series or her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. It is the method of organizing your home all at once, and it will last forever because you are changing your mindset.  Her step-by-step sorting by category not by location, and getting it all done as an event, not daily, is perfection.  Get it all done at once, see the results, feel the results, and you will stay true to the lesson.

As I watched the series I was struck by this petite Japanese woman and her grace and beauty as she guided clients along a journey that always ends up being about so much more than organizing a sock drawer or a kitchen.  I was immediately inspired to follow her lead and see what I could do.  So first things first I started with my closet!

First you pull out EVERYTHING, stack it and then piece by piece hold each item of clothing and ask yourself “does this spark joy?”. If the answer is yes then you keep it, if the answer is no, then you hold it, thank it for it having served its purpose, and quickly putting it in your “give away/donate” pile.  Then she has tips on how to keep your items organized, helpful ways to fold clothing and creative and useful organizational tools.

What really struck a chord with me was asking yourself if this thing, this shirt, or dress, sparked joy.  Because what ends up happening for me is it makes me ask that question about other things in my life.  People, decisions, all of it…  I think it is a question we should all be asking ourselves all the time.

If we all took a moment to reflect and think of all the things, be they material, emotional, relationships, just everything that touches our lives, and ask ourselves…

“Does this spark joy?”

We could most definitely alleviate the clutter and chaos that can harm us in so many ways.

So if the things you keep close and hang on to are not “sparking joy”, it's probably time to figure out why it is there and if possible thank it and let it go.

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