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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Remote working is often thought of like the power lace shoes from Back to the Future... simply impossible. In fact remote working or telecommuting is becoming more and more common. Companies, like Isos Technology, have a headquarters but also have many employees working remote across the United States. Many wonder how this is possible? (And whether employees are truly working or not.) At Isos, we've managed to perfect the skill of working remote and would like to share a few of our strategies.

Cameras On

We have many meetings throughout the week, whether they are one-on-one meetings, team meetings or even company meetings. Whenever there's a meeting happening, we encourage our employees to turn their cameras on. This prompts many conversations, from the new painting on the wall, someone's toddler saying hi, or the view of snowfall in the east coast. Employees working in the headquarters inherently make connections and share stories. That shouldn't stop with our remote co-workers.

Calendar & Slack

Even though we love seeing each other via video, sometimes our busy work schedules do not allow for this to happen. So how can we know when the QA team is available to triage an issue? Well we've found that keeping our calendars up to date is key, allowing for others to book meetings and know when we are out of the office. For example, when we go on PTO, we add Out of Office events on those days. That in return auto-declines any calendar invites sent our way. Another hack is adding statuses to our slack profile. Whether it's "In a Meeting," "At a Doctor's Apt," or "Busy Coding," it's an easy way to know why our team members aren't answering

In-person Meeting

There's nothing like an in-person team builder. It's always ideal to plan for quarterly or yearly in person weeks, where everyone comes together in one central location. This doesn't necessarily mean business comes to a halt, but it does mean it's time to have fun. Check out how Isos employees spent their last get together. It's the one time of the year where we have friendly competitions and enjoy each others jokes. This is where memories are created, connections are made and sport rivals debate.

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for remote working!

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