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Stop and smell the roses!


The saying “Stop and smell the roses”. It’s an oldie but a goodie!  Maybe we have all heard it so much it lost its true meaning.  Of course we all know what it means, but I really never paid attention to the deeper meaning of it, until more recently in my life. I’m sure it’s some kind of wisdom that comes with age, that mid-life deep thinking kind of stuff.  When life seems to be going by faster and faster, and we find ourselves trying harder and harder to slow it down.  Unfortunately we can’t slow down time, but what we can do is squeeze every drop out it!

Stop... yes, just stop and take a breath, a pause, a moment to see what is around you. In every aspect of our lives, from our families to our jobs and everything in between we need to be present in the conversations and the surroundings, and we can’t do that if we aren’t paying attention.

And Smell... figuratively smell, but really use all of your five senses, smell all of the beauty that you are lucky enough to be surrounded by, see everything that is in front of you clearly, taste all of what you can, listen to all of the sounds, and touch all of the elements that you are able to. Again, this applies in all areas of our lives. Soak every ounce of it up!

The Roses... the roses are the moments, all of the moments that we can so easily let slip through our fingers if we don’t pay attention. The rose is the metaphor for all of the people, the places, the feelings, and all of the things that present themselves to us.

I have found that it is a conscious effort to slow down and pay attention to your life, so slow down, be present, and inhale all of it!!

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