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This will only make sense to my fellow coffee addicts…


I’m not even sure how one communicates a coffee addiction.  For me it starts off with the smell of coffee beans.  I can be walking through a grocery store and get near the coffee aisle, and I am like a hound dog. I am immediately excited and feel the need to experience this delicious smell more. I find myself drawn to that aisle, even if I am not buying coffee I still cannot help myself.

At home, EVERY morning is started with the sound of the coffee bean grinder, followed by the smell of those beans, followed by the smell of the freshly brewed pot.  Its those first smells and that first cup that for me are indescribable.  Its almost as if the rest of the day and all of the cups that follow are trying to recreate that first taste of that first cup.

My fiancé is a black coffee drinker, and this I just cannot get on board with. My coffee is “regular”. If you are from back East you will know what that means, cream and sugar. I always forget about that until I am back East visiting and go to order a coffee.  In Arizona I'm not sure if anyone (besides a fellow east coaster) would even know what “regular” means.  However I do not add sugar to my cappuccinos. Those are creamy and delicious from the steamed milk.  I have tried drinking coffee black, or cream no sugar, sugar no cream, but it just does not scratch that itch.

Here at Isos I do find myself amongst some other coffee addicts. We even have a Slack channel dedicated to the coffee drinkers here in our office. We post when we are low on beans, discuss what type of bean we should try next, or when a fresh pot is made. We all know what is truly important!!!

When we moved offices last month, we tried out a new coffee maker which ended up being an epic fail. You would have thought that someone had cut off our oxygen supply...  but when you are a coffee addict, it is somewhat like oxygen, absolutely necessary and our lives are dependent on it!!!  So we pulled out old faithful from the last office until we are able to figure out a new machine. So at least for now, there will be no headaches or withdrawals, not on my watch!

On a trip to Italy 4 years ago, I experienced cappuccinos like I had never experienced before.  They were so creamy and so delicious, I would drink them all day long.  When we got home from that trip, I was really in dire straits trying to find that same level of cappuccino perfection, but it really never happened.  I do order cappuccinos anywhere and everywhere I go, trying to find one again but Im pretty sure I just need to head back to Italy for that!

I do love all things coffee, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee ice cream, French press, drip, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, americanos, cold brew…

It is 11:15am on a Monday morning as I write this, and I am on my 4th cup already.  I will drink a couple more as the day goes on with another critical coffee time slot for me being @ 2:30-3:00pm to get me through the rest of the day!!



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