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Company Culture

It was a big week for everyone at Isōs HQ. Blue Media installed a bunch of artwork created by our awesome design team. The most exciting for me was our company values, proudly displayed in our lobby for all to see.

I know what you are thinking: "Isōs is following the technology company playbook by creating some lofty values and plastering them on the wall."   The casual observer might scoff at the cliche. To all the cynics I say that our company values are more than wallpaper, they ARE our guiding principles.  Our values are a part of every decision we make and they are the standard that every person in the company is always striving for. Without further ado, our company values:

Be Hungry

Embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires personal and professional growth, and thrive on self-motivation and change.
Strive to become #1 in everything you do to the benefit of your peers, your family, clients, community and yourself.
Aim high, think big.

Be Authentic

Be honest, straightforward and respectful in every interaction with co-workers, clients and the community.
Keep it real.

Be Collaborative

Engage in proactive mentoring and be receptive to disruptive ideas.
Connect with our clients, colleagues and community in a reliable, dependable, trustworthy and honest way.
Don't be a one-man wolfpack

Be Generous

Treat Isōs as a family by being generous with your time and expertise, and forgiving in your attitude.
Always look for opportunities to give back to others.
Give and gain.

Be Invaluable

Your actions should provide value and directly contribute to the success of our clients and Isōs.
Have a personal commitment to the end result.
Make more than you take.

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