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Debating whether to stay home in your pajamas while working away or driving to your closest WeWork? Working in your pajamas might sound awfully appealing (trust me, I've been there and done that), but there's something about getting up, changing into real clothes, and setting your workspace that makes your working day ten times better, whether it's at a WeWork or your home office.


WeWork is a great alternative to remote working as it provides an opportunity to expand your professional network, grab some yummy snacks and drinks, feel that company vibe while working and participate in community events, such as massage day and holidays. Believe it or not, working at your home office every day can definitely deprive you from the outside world!

At a WeWork, you interact with the individuals working there and you'd be surprised at all the different professions, from realtors to developers and project managers... you can even end up meeting your next yoga instructor there as well!  Other than the amazing people you get to meet, snacks are available and sometimes there's free food/drinks like bagels and coffee.

Other amenities you can find useful are the meeting room spaces for your daily check-ins with your team or client meetings.

Lastly, there are community events created for the WeWork community to participate in. My favorite so far has been Pancake Day because pancakes are indeed a delicious invention!

Home office

Thinking of staying at home for work? Make sure you have everything you need. Even though a work office has its likable attributes, a home office also provides an individual with some advantages. This is your space, so set it up however you want! Do you like to stand or sit? Do you thrive in a quiet environment or working while jamming to music? It doesn't matter because you get to choose what works best for you.

An important factor to consider is that it is your responsibility to be productive, so do whatever it takes to enjoy working at home by having the materials you need, such as multiple desktop screens if needed, a standing desk, a comfy chair, and a specific place you call your office. Setting a space aside to work is essential to be able to focus and be free from distractions.

An additional benefit of working from home, and my favorite, is that I don't have to sit in traffic for hours. So if this is your situation, enjoy working from home once in a while! It changes your life completely to have that kind of power over your life.

Regardless of whether you choose to work at a WeWork or have your home office, remember that you can alternate between both options because guess what? You have the privilege to work wherever and whenever you desire!

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