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When your world gets turned upside down… in a good way!


The week started off like any other, nothing crazy or different.  That was until we received a phone call that our emergency dog fostering services were needed. Let me back up a bit and explain how we got here. I am currently engaged to a “dog guy” and when we met he had a beautiful Weimaraner named Blue.  Referring to him as a “dog guy” pretty much explains that I am not much of a “dog gal”. Sure I like dogs, had one growing up, but never had one while raising my family. There were just too many kids and we tried a dog here and there but they never worked out.

So now that I am with someone who is a dog person, I really did fall in love with Blue and when he passed away, the loss was very real.  But soon after losing Blue we had lots of life events happen and there wasn’t a good time to even think about a dog again.  Well, some 4 years later and we are now settled in our forever home, kids are all grown and gone, so let’s do this!!

But wait….

I was nervous about the commitment, what if I change my mind like I had done so many times in the past.  Of course there was a solution to this… Become a foster!!

We contacted the Arizona Weimaraner Rescue (this is where my fiancé got Blue from), let them know we were looking to foster, and since my fiancé had already fostered for them in the past we were good to go.

We got a call just last weekend that a bonded pair of dogs were needing a home, the family was getting divorced and neither could take the pups with them.  They are litter mates and the rescue wanted to do their best to keep them together.  Placing 2 dogs can prove to be difficult when time is of the essence, so they called out to all of the emergency foster families.  I pulled up my big girl pants and decided I want to do this.

We met the rescue coordinator at the home where the dogs had been living, and we really did end up rescuing these dogs from unsatisfactory living conditions.  You could tell they had been ignored for quite some time and needed some love and attention.

We are literally on day three with these two pups, their names are Buddy and Holly, and they are just the sweetest pups.  Weimaraner’s are a very needy breed, and can have very bad separation anxiety.  So it will take some time to get used to being followed everywhere, as I am sure they just are making sure that we aren’t abandoning them.

What I love about fostering is giving these beautiful doggies a chance to have some love, some obedience training, lots of attention, and the time for a forever family to adopt them together.

We will probably just fall in love with them and become what is called a “failed foster”.  I have a feeling that happens quite often!

Fostering is such a wonderful alternative, as it gives you the opportunity to make sure you connect with the dog(s), and also gets the pups out of a bad situation as quickly as possible.

Although it has been a rough couple of days getting used to all of the new things going on (for all of us), it has been quite a rewarding feeling that we have made a difference, if even in a small way.

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