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Work-Life Balance: The Isos Way


Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Forbes reports that in 2015 women surpassed men 30.2% to 29.9% when it came to obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Women make up roughly half of the workforce, and still face many struggles. Inhersight.com data reports that of these women who are moms, they are slightly less satisfied with their support at work.

Many companies are moving away from the traditional 9–5 work hours and allowing employees to have a flexible schedule. CEO’s and COO’s realize employees who are truly happy in the workplace will perform to par or even outperform. For women, having a flexible career allows them to be better partners, parents, and colleagues.

Here are a few perks of Mums love about working remotely:

  • Not having to commute during rush hour or commuting only a few days out of the week relieves so much stress! Mums can get a few more hours of rest, get children ready in the morning and not have to worry about spilling coffee on themselves while weaving through traffic.
  • Remote jobs often allow you to set your schedule or have a more flexible schedule. This can mean working mornings or nights while their children are still sleeping. This allows Mums to plan for dentist appointments and client calls without having to request PTO and repeatedly apologize for having to leave.
  • Companies who allow employees to work from home still want to have face-to-face interaction to build the company culture. They often plan team building activities where the company comes together, and you finally get to see what your coworkers look like past their shoulders. Often times, families are invited to participate — yay, no need to find a babysitter!

As an Isosian and a Mum, I have been able to achieve this phenomenon called “work-life balance.” On any given day, I walk into the HQ office and many of my co-workers have their children in the office. As a parent, having the ability to bring my kiddo to work without worrying about being judged by my boss or peers is such a sense of relief! At Isos Technology, we understand the importance of work-life balance so each employee can reach their full potential.

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