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When I got my first Jira admin position, my husband was confused.

I believe his actual words were, “That’s a real job? Don’t you just build it and then it’s done? But you don’t manage the servers. Why do they need you?”

Since then I’ve held multiple Jira admin positions and every time he has the same response. It’s hard to explain to someone who was a system administrator the details of my job. Yes, I’m a Jira admin... but that’s not my whole job. Anyone can go into Jira and build exactly what people ask for. That’s not my sole purpose. I’ve spent much of my career in project management and working within Jira. For most of that time, I also picked up working as a Jira admin, but I don’t script, manage operating systems or  servers, and I’m not the person to go to for SSL certs. So what do I do?

I help teams maximize their potential within Jira. What does that mean? I work directly with teams to understand their processes and then build something that works for them in the context of Jira. I like to believe that I help teams run efficiently and effectively. I train teams on how to use the product, bring people on board that have never used Atlassian tools before, and revamp/consolidate pieces that have already been built in Jira.

Many times teams get stuck in how they imagine their project should run, or they have one process engrained so deep that they have their blinders on what else is possible. I try to get down to the root of what teams are asking for and then find the best solution for those teams. I work to have departments operate on the same page and then I build solutions in Jira.

Yes dear, this is a real job.

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