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Easing App Data Migration to Atlassian Cloud

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When considering a migration to Jira in the Atlassian Cloud, one of the recurring client concerns I encounter is data loss. This concern doesn’t center around core Jira issue data. Most of my clients understand that core information at the heart of Jira will be retained. What is more uncertain is what will happen with data from apps they are using to enhance Jira.

The primary reason for this is due to the difference in app availability in on prem versions of Jira and those available in the Atlassian Cloud. Even when apps exist in the Atlassian Cloud, their feature sets are often varied due to differences between making REST calls under the cloud model while building full Java apps for on prem. This is more than skin deep. While on prem Jira allows app developers to store data in the active objects table, an analog does not exist in Atlassian Cloud. 

App developers for Atlassian Cloud have to rely on their own mechanisms for data storage in the absence of the active objects table. Historically, migrating this data has been cumbersome for app developers. This has resulted in cases where app vendors have chosen to not have a migration path for their apps. This has been a key player in client reluctance.

So is there a solution?

Early this year, Atlassian hosted an app developers week in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was fortunate to be included as a participant in this week. The focus was on migrating to the Atlassian Cloud. Of particular significance in relation to this discussion was Atlassian’s work on a migration framework for app developers to improve the migration path. With this framework, app developers now have a tool to develop migration strategies for their application specific data from on prem to Atlassian Cloud.

As app developers begin incorporating migration tooling, the barrier for third party data moving to the Atlassian Cloud will become more porous. This will give clients more flexibility on the Jira access model they move, increasing Atlassian Cloud’s viability as an option for an ever increasing number of clients.

WP Migrate to Atlassian Cloud

TAGS: Jira, Software Solutions, Atlassian Cloud

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