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Atlassian Companion Makes it Easy to Edit Files in Confluence

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Many of my clients use Confluence as a file-sharing tool, which is really easy when you use the File List blueprint.

Did you know that Confluence will keep track of each version of your file? All you have to do is upload a new version of your file, with the same file name, and Confluence does the rest. This is very useful, as links to the file will always provide the latest version, and you have a historic record of the file as it changes over time.

This simple process can feel a little tedious after a while as you have to go through these steps:

  1. Download the file
  2. Open the file in your Office program
  3. Edit and save the file (with the same name)
  4. Go back to Confluence and re-upload it

This is where the Atlassian Companion app comes to the rescue. Simply download and install Atlassian Companion, and it will run in the background on your computer.

Now, when you download an Office file attachment, it will open in your Office program for you, so that all you have to do is edit and hit save. As soon as you save the file, Atlassian Companion will detect the new file and upload it as a new version automatically. That's just two steps instead of four! This works with Cloud, Server, AND Data Center Confluence instances, which I really enjoy as I'm frequently on various Confluence sites during the course of my day.

It's super easy to use, fast, and keeps you focused on your work instead of navigating around your hard drive to upload the new file. Enjoy!

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