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ITSM has been a hot topic for a few years. Here at Isos, we have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about, implementing, and writing about ITSM. Suffice it to say, we are excited about ITSM as we live and breathe it on a daily basis. The latest trend that we are seeing (and embracing) is the concept of ITSM for every team in the organization...Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Most teams in an organization have obligations to support other internal teams in the organization. For example, the Marketing team's primary focus is to project the company brand and image to drive new sales opportunities for the organization. Often in support of that mission, other teams have requests for marketing, which normally results in a flurry of emails and some various levels of frustration from the requestor and requestee.

Enter Jira Service Desk, a powerful, easy to use tool that has all of the modern features needed for a successful ESM implementation, such as:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) - Clearly set the expectations for everyone on how long it will take the team to resolve this request.
  • Customer Portal -  A very easy to configure and use interface for the rest of the organization to interact with your team
  • Knowledge Base - Imagine not having to answer the same email question 50 times a year.  Instead, answer it once, publish it to your KB and then watch the questions/issues NOT come in...ticket deflection and self-service is the goal of any successful service desk.
  • Automation - JSD has a powerful automation engine built-in that allows users to create complex rules and actions using a simple, code-less interface.  A marketing request comes in from the executive team, and you want to flag it is as high priority?  No problem, create an automation rule!
  • Rapid Deployment - The great thing about ESM in the organizations we work with is that there is already a commitment to the Atlassian tools.  Imagine having your team up and running on their own service desk with KB is two weeks or less! 

Let's go a little deeper into the marketing service desk.

ESM - JSD for Marketing

"Oh God, The Marketing Team Is Having Another Bike Meeting."

Other than having their ridiculous bike meetings, many teams across the enterprise rely on Marketing to help with everyday requests, such as:

  • Logo requests, e.g., "I need a PNG version of our logo that is 300px high."
  • Swag, e.g., "I am visiting clients next week and want to bring them 5 of our latest t-shirts."
  • Collateral, e.g., "Can I get 50 copies of our latest ESM white paper?"
  • Website, e.g., "My bio is out of date, can you add my JSD Certification?"

Start slow, publish the most common requests out to the portal.  One of the early challenges will be to get your own team to force everything through the portal, don't do one-offs via email or phone calls, have everything backed by an issue.

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 2.44.34 PM


Service Management is for Everyone

It's never too late to start leveraging your Jira installation across every team in the organization!  In future blog articles, I will walk through other ESM examples that can hopefully spark ideas for your organization.

Managing JIRA at Scale White Paper

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