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There are times where you need to share data from your Atlassian tools with people outside your company, or people that don't have access to your instances. There are built-in options for exporting PDFs, but if you're working with customers or want it formatted appropriately you might need something structured a certain way, or maybe just a bit more branding pizzaz.

The last project I worked on was Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud. The thing about this app is that it isn't pretty and it isn't all that easy... but I think it weighs out with the amount of control you have over the final product. I mean, you can do anything.

For instance, we were able to completely mimic a purchase order report generated by some legacy software. It got to the point where it was nearly indistinguishable from the original report... then we made it better. This was a plain report and required little or no branding, but you can seriously get everything laid out down to the pixel.

As mentioned, it isn't exactly easy, or rather, it takes a bit of coding work to get it to lay out appropriately, but it comes with a ton of templates to start with or reference. It's mostly coding and the languages we used are Groovy, XSL-FO and Velocity, which aren't terrible and kinda fun. The technical consultants here at Isos were invaluable in making it all happen. We were able to do things like pull custom fields from an issue in a different project altogether in order to make this happen the way the customer wanted it to.

There isn't a ton in the way of PDF exporter Apps in Jira Cloud, so your options are limited but working with Better PDF Exporter is a great experience, measured from the end result.

For Confluence Cloud you have Scroll PDF Exporter, which has a way better WYSIWYG interface, and you can create templates faster, but you have to work within the limitations they have. However, Confluence doesn't have Better PDF Exporter available, so you'll have to make due. But, with that, you have a better ability to keep everything more consistent and visually create on the fly. So it's not bad. Just a little different, which I think makes sense for Confluence vs. Jira with exporting PDFs.

It's perfect for Status Reports and SOWs.

With the Atlassian Cloud platform, by its nature, there aren't as many Apps available. It's because it's a completely managed platform and you're limited to how much you can mess it up. But there are solutions so remarkable in how they've put their stuff together that Atlassian has granted them Cloud versions. Having an Atlassian Solution Partner, like Isos Technology, on your side to help implement and maintain everything Atlassian will help bring your instances, your Marketplace Apps, and your teams to the next level.


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