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Get More from Your Atlassian Investment with Our New Course: Confluence for Teams

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At Isos Technology, we’re pleased to introduce a brand-new course to our comprehensive training resources: Confluence for Teams. This three-hour course is perfect for teams who are new to Confluence and need to learn how to use it effectively. It’s also a great fit for teams that are struggling with broken processes because of individual differences in skill level and adoption. With Confluence for Teams under their belts, everyone will have the skills they need to get the most out of this powerful collaboration tool.

In Confluence for Teams, our own team of Atlassian experts will teach your team how to collaborate, share information, stay organized, and track work to completion with Confluence. 

You will learn how to:

  • Set Space permissions for different types of users
  • Organize your Space using templates
  • Navigate your Space using the page tree
  • Work in Spaces and create wiki pages and blog posts (announcements)
  • Add functionality to Confluence with popular Marketplace Apps

And, since Zoom fatigue is real, this course can be taken all at once, or divided into two 90-minute sessions—whichever works best for your team!

Learn more about Confluence for Teams.

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TAGS: Confluence, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Training

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