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How a Single Platform Can Improve DevOps and ITSM Collaboration

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, DevOps, ITSM


More than ever, organizations are making the culture and structural changes necessary to embrace DevOps. Fundamentally, DevOps is the concept of tightly-integrated collaboration between development and operations teams that relies on an automated toolset.

It represents a way of driving increased value to the customer by bringing products to market faster and speeding the rate of releases, all with fewer issues. This transformation, however, is driving increasing demand for IT Service Management (ITSM) support of new products and releases, as well as greater awareness of the role ITSM plays in customer experience, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

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Organizational Reliance on an Increased Number of Business Systems Drives Complexity

Consequently, as organizations that have embraced DevOps look to the future, their vision is broadening to encompass ITSM as part of this dynamic. There is a growing understanding that development, operations, and service management are an essential, three-legged stool necessary to deliver value to clients. Service management teams are now being recognized for their valuable role in keeping critical business systems—some that drive revenue—up and running. Further, ITSM teams are on the front lines of customer interaction. Often, they are the first to know about issues, and that input is invaluable to DevOps teams, not only to resolving these issues but also to ensuring future releases are more stable and have fewer issues.


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The Single Platform Solution For Both DevOps and ITSM

While understanding of the value of this three-legged stool—development, operations, and ITSM—is growing, there are some significant barriers to bringing ITSM into the DevOps model. Importantly, ITSM teams are more overburdened than ever, incidents are more complex, harder to identify, and more difficult to resolve. In addition, many organizations are lacking a mechanism for capturing the critical customer insights that ITSM receives and integrating them into the DevOps feedback loop. Solutions do exist, however, and chief among them is replacing the often-cobbled-together assortment of both DevOps and ITSM tools with a single, integrated platform that provides better visibility into incidents and issues for not just ITSM teams, but also for development and operations.

Our latest whitepaper walks through the increasingly complex environment in which ITSM operates and how can impede collaboration with development and operations teams. 


Using a single shared platform, learn how organizations can:

  • Overcome the obstacles inherent in this complexity
  • Bridge the gap between DevOps and ITSM
  • Streamline major incident response and problem management 
  • Create a valuable feedback look between DevOps and ITSM that drives customer value and impacts the bottom line
  • ...And more!


How a Single Platform Can Improve DevOps and ITSM Collaboration

TAGS: Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, DevOps, ITSM

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