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Guest Contributor: Cody Currie


Based on the thoughts I shared in my last blog, I am very much under the belief that many companies will transition to a remote work model for the long haul, if they haven't already. Over the last nine months, it's become abundantly clear to organizations across the globe that having the proper tools for a job while working remotely is imperative. It's my belief that, because of this realization, we will witness a few trends in the Atlassian ecosystem as a result of the universal shift to remote work... 


Companies Will Look to Improve Their Tooling

Transitioning to working remotely will require companies to look more critically at their tools and determine their problem areas. Many companies that are not already using Atlassian tools will explore tools like Jira and Confluence to help with the remote transition. The Atlassian toolset provides a level of visibility and collaboration that is essential for organizations that have a geo-distributed workforce.


Companies Already Using Atlassian Will Augment Their Toolset

Companies already using Atlassian tools will likely look into ways to improve their tooling to better enable remote work. This may come in many forms. They could want improvements as simple as better documentation practices (hello, Confluence) or as complex as a complete overhaul of their Jira setup to better accommodate their remote teams. Either way, businesses who have experienced the power that the Atlassian toolset provides will want to expand their environment to include tools they may not have additionally considered. I think we will see an increase in the amount of organizations who look to Jira Service Management for ITSM, to Jira Align for enterprise Agile planning, and to Atlassian Cloud for a more sustainable and cost-effective platform for their toolset. 


Companies Will Purchase New Marketplace Apps

Looking beyond the Atlassian tools, I think a lot of companies will also purchase Marketplace apps and other tools to increase remote work productivity. Something as simple as Tempo for tracking time may be what helps put an organization in the proper mindset for remote work.

No matter what, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of things in perspective for companies, and most businesses have learned that remote work is here to stay. That said, we know how much Atlassian tools can help with remote work, especially with the addition of Marketplace apps. So to sum things up, I predict Atlassian tools will play a huge part in the transformation of work for millions across the globe. 

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