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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

wfhI recently asked a client, "what is the work style within your company, now that you're all working from home?" The response was like opening a can of worms. I could hear the uncertainty in their voice, along with their optimism about how their organization was forced to transform from a technical perspective. Usually, a change like adopting new tools within an organization can take months, depending on the size of the business. But most companies have been forced to figure out what the "new normal" is, ever since COVID-19 first appeared in early 2020.  

Even though Covid-19 has presented many challenges and forced us all to discover how to work efficiently from remote locations, many companies are adopting a remote-work-only model moving forward. Businesses everywhere are realizing that Atlassian tools--like Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence--allow for open work. Here's my take on how these tools have helped my clients accelerate the pace of digital transformation during the pandemic...



Confluence, Atlassian's robust collaboration tool, is the source of truth for a team's processes and procedures. Now, my clients no longer have to walk over to a teammate's desk and ask a question. Teams with Confluence are able to identify gaps in their process and document them in Confluence. My clients have realized that the same questions being asked in Slack are now answered in knowledge base articles. This minimizes the noise on Slack, and allows teams to measure how knowledge base articles deflect customer requests.



Jira has become another successful collaboration platform for my clients. Projects and tasks, that used to take the form of in-office meetings and long lists of handwritten notes, have morphed into Jira issues with an assignee and several participants. Teams have begun successfully collaborating across departments by using Jira issues, and in turn, have seen  a decrease in the number of virtual meetings scheduled throughout the week.


Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk has become my clients' tool of choice for both customer communication and internal communication. IT teams have leveraged JSD as a way to get employees the tools they need to work from home. HR teams have begun using it to track PTO requests and insurance benefit updates. Employees are now able to view the progress of their requests through Jira Service Desk, and teams are able to streamline their work, their processes, and their SLA's. 

Challenge your team to reach new heights with the Atlassian toolset. Contact us today to start your Atlassian journey.


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