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Untitled-7876More organizations than ever are undertaking digital transformation initiatives, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. As part of digital transformation, many enterprise organizations that rely on Atlassian tools are turning to Jira Align to ensure their work is aligned to business strategy and that their teams are focused on efforts that drive customer value.

In its latest assessment of enterprise planning tools, Gartner named Jira Align a Magic Quadrant Leader, and for good reason. It is designed to provide real-time visibility into work at every level across the enterprise:

  • Executives can see how work aligns with high-level vision, mission, and strategy
  • Program managers can assign and manage resources
  • Product managers can prioritize the backlog
  • Delivery teams can see how their work aligns with strategy as they’re executing it.

Jira Align is also extremely flexible—it works with virtually any scaled Agile framework, including custom and hybrid ones.


The Financial Benefits of Jira Align

Jira Align doesn’t just make business sense—it makes financial sense, as well. There are both visible spend and hidden spend associated with digital transformation. Visible spend includes hard costs like salaries and software license fees that all enterprises track and report on, while hidden spend includes less obvious costs like time wasted on work that is not aligned to organizational objectives or that doesn’t bring value to customers. Jira Align can help enterprises minimize both visible and hidden spend related to the financial and human resources necessary to efficiently deliver software. 

As every enterprise knows, having the right tools to streamline software delivery processes is critical. It’s also important to have a set of tools that is flexible enough to meet the needs of the larger organization to minimize the expense of decentralized tool adoption. The Atlassian toolset is designed to do both these things. With a centralized set of tools that supports faster, more efficient software delivery, costs come down. 

Following are just a couple of ways Jira Align reduces both visible and hidden spend:

  • Visible Spend

One important way Jira Align can help enterprise organizations reduce visible spend is around reporting. Since it enables visibility and reporting across every level of an organization, fewer tools are needed, and the licensing expenses for extraneous tools are minimized. Add in the number of hours that an organization might spend manually pulling data and reporting across multiple systems, and organizations come away with a whole lot of time that can be spent on tasks that actually add customer value.

  • Hidden Spend

One key area where Jira Align can help enterprise organizations recover hidden spend is around misaligned work. In large organizations, it’s not unusual for there to be multiple teams working on the same project, work-in-progress not tied to overarching business objectives, or conversely, business objectives that do not have associated work mapped out. Jira Align solves the visibility conundrum—since people at every level of the organization can easily see what is being done and how it aligns, it’s straightforward to identify work that is misaligned or does not add customer value. From there, effort can be redirected toward the most critical initiatives or at least brought into alignment.


Accelerating Transformation

In addition to reducing visible spend on extraneous tools and hours spent manually collecting data and reporting on it, and hidden spend on misaligned work, Jira Align reduces the overall costs of digital transformation itself by accelerating the pace of that transformation. To be clear, digital transformation is not something that will ever be complete—it’s an ongoing process, and there will always be new opportunities or areas to be transformed—but the sooner the right tools are in place, the sooner an enterprise can begin realizing the benefits of those tools.

To learn more about how Jira Align can help your organizations minimize both visible and hidden spend, read Atlassian’s whitepaper: Get the Return on Your Digital Transformation Investment with Jira Align.

Download the Whitepaper

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